I see there are a set of templates already provided in Workforce Preferences. What are these?

uPaged "out-the-box" templates reflect the general uPaged standard of mandatory training and employment requirements for each of the nurse grades. These can easily be applied to your facility departments. You can go into the templates at any time and change what is or isn't required of the practitioners applying for shifts at your facility. 

What are Selected Workforce and Available Workforce?

Templates under Selected Workforce are the templates that you have applied to your Facility's account (which can then be applied to the Departments). Templates in Available Workforce are the other nurse grade templates available but are not applied to your Facility's account. When you edit an existing template, the default uPaged template will move into Available Workforce automatically. 

How do I add workforce preferences to a department? 

To add a workforce preference to a department, you will first need to ensure the desired template is in the SELECTED WORKFORCE. Then, you can go to the Departments tab, click Edit on the department and then click on Workforce Options. You can select the templates you wish to apply. 


Can I create one template which applies to multiple nurse grades?

No. Unfortunately, you can't create a single template with multiple nurse grades applied. You will need to create an individual template for all nurse grades even if they have the same requirements. You will see the nurse grade is always shown next to the template in brackets. This is because a nurse looking for a shift will only be able to see the shift posted if the template added is aligned with his or her nurse grade.

If I change an existing template after a shift is created, will the changes automatically apply to that shift?

No. If the requirements in a workforce template are changed after you've posted a shift the previous template requirements will still apply. You'll need to cancel and re-add the shift in order for those changes to apply. 

How many templates can I create? Can I add multiple templates to a department?

Unlimited templates can be created and you can add as many of these templates to a department as you wish.

What happens if I change an existing template allocated to a department? Will it automatically update the department?

Yes it will. A pop-up will inform you by changing or removing the template, the changes will apply to any department that has that template allocated to it. 


What happens if a practitioner tries to apply for a shift but doesn't meet the requirements?

A practitioner can still see a shift even if they are missing some of the requirements. They will be prompted to update their information and will only be able to apply for the shift once they are compliant.

I can't create a shift under my department as it says I don't have any Practitioner Grades assigned to it

If you are seeing this message, it's because you haven't added any workforce options to the Department you selected. To add templates go to Profile > Departments > Select Edit on Department > Click on Workforce Options > Add the required Templates > Save. You should then see the available practitioner grades when creating a shift for that department. Note: once you've done this, you may need to refresh the page on the Find Talent page to see the changes.