In order to work with uPaged, you must have full work rights in Australia.

Most hospitals also require you to have at least one-year equivalent of full-time work in an Australian hospital. This is because uPaged connects you with on-demand casual shifts, where hospitals expect you to hit the ground running without needing much supervision. 

However, what is needed is dependant on the shift you are applying for, and the individual facilities requirements. The onboarding specialist will help you build your profile in accordance with the shifts you are looking to pick up.

SA Practitioners only** Practitioners working in SA Health Local Health Networks (LHNs) must also demonstrate awareness and ability in:

  • Risk assessment principles.
  • Responsibilities under the Work Health and Safety Act 2012.
  • Service provision to patients from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, including Aboriginal people.
  • Mandatory reporting as defined by legislation such as the Child Protection Act 1999, Fire Arms Act 1996, Aged Care Act 1997.
  • Code of conduct principles for the public sector.
  • BFHI (Baby Friendly Health Initiative) for those working with mothers and their babies.
  • Principles of privacy and confidentiality.
  • Has basic training in de-escalation techniques/ management of challenging behaviours.
  • A competent level of computer literacy that allows negotiation of electronic information systems including Sunrise EMR, and/or CBIS (Community Based Information Systems) 

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