Before your profile is activated to start booking casual shifts, you need to complete your profile. What is required will depend on what sorts of shifts you want to pick up and in what environment. For example, shifts in a hospital will require more than Telehealth.

1. Complete all minimum requirements on your profile

Due to the often last-minute nature of contingency work, we need to ensure that from the moment you’re booked for a shift, you’re “employment ready”. For that reason, your profile won’t be visible to facilities until the minimum requirements are completed. 

Again, this will be based on the type of work you've said you are looking for. The Onboarding Specialist will help you get your profile ready for the shifts you are after.

If you’re waiting for your police check or references to come back, use this time to beef-up your profile with all of your incredible skills, training and certificates.

2. Have an interview with one of our Onboarding Specialists

Please treat this as a job interview. You want to show that you are the best person for the job.

You may book here

3. For Hospital shifts, obtain a point-in-time National Police Check

Your National Police Check is a mandatory requirement for working in all Australian hospitals.

uPaged nurses may require a new Police Check before setting your profile to live as a 'point in time' check. Please check out our FAQ page on how to obtain one and be reimbursed for the cost

4. Enter your availability

We don’t want to pester you when you’re not available, so if you want to work and earn some extra cash, make sure you enter your availability so you’re discoverable to facilities.

5. Review and apply for shifts!

Once you have completed the required steps, one of our Onboarding Specialists will set your profile to live so you can start looking and applying for shifts. 

If you don't meet the facilities requirements for a shift you are trying to apply for, you will be informed of what is missing or out of date at the stage of applying for the shift.