We’re frequently asked about uPaged’s requirement for currency in mandatory training. What is it? Why do nurses need them? And how do get them? We answer all your questions about why mandatory training is absolutely critical for Australian practitioners, and why we won’t settle for less.

So … Just What Is Mandatory Training?

Mandatory training is core skills or abilities that are acquired through experience and learning. Because they are mandatory, they need to be proven to practice as a practitioner in most Australian healthcare organisations, and this is done through training and oftentimes, supervision.

At uPaged, we are committed to ensuring that our practitioners hold the minimum mandatory training to work in Australian healthcare facilities.

To onboard with uPaged and to continue to book casual shifts through the platform, our practitioners need to produce valid and current evidence of their competency in a number of skills that best match our facilities’ needs.

For most hospital shifts, these include:


  1. Fire and Evacuation
  2. Basic Life Support (BLS)
  3. Manual Handling
  4. IV Medication Administration
  5. Drug Calculations Maths Test


  1. Hand hygiene
  2. Infection Control
  3. Aseptic Technique

We will suggest to you which mandatories you will need when you start setting up your profile. This will be based on the types of shifts you are looking for. 

However, it's important to remember that every facility is different. They may have specific requirements for their facility, or for their department within the facility. We will suggest to you the "standard" training you will need based on what we know most facilities require. 

You will be informed if any other mandatory requirements are missing or out of date when you try to apply for a shift with that facility. 

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It's really important to keep up to date with your mandatory training so you can continue to book great casual shifts through uPaged

Also, nurses will need to keep up with their CPD requirements as outlined by AHPRA

  • Registered Nurse: 20 hours
  • Registered Midwife: 20 hours
  • Endorsed Enrolled Nurse or Enrolled Nurse: 20 hours
  • Registration in more than one of the above: you must complete the required about of CPD for all registrations. If your CPD activities are relevant to each type of registration, you may count those activities as evidence for each CPD hours.

The above are CPD requirements per registration period. Pro-rata CPD requirements apply.