Providing evidence of your year level is important to ensure you are paid at the correct rate, and to help managers allocate you appropriately. A year level is gained with every 1786 hours of clinical nursing work completed at your registration grade.

There are three ways you can provide evidence of your year level:

1. Statement of service. A statement of service is the gold standard for providing evidence of your nursing year level as it states actual hours worked. It states the details of the employment such as your registration level, hours worked and roles held. You can request a statement of service from your employer's HR department.

2. Payslip. A payslip is considered appropriate evidence for year level if the payslip clearly includes your name and the year level you are being paid at.

3. Statutory Declaration. A Statutory Declaration is a written statement that you declare to be correct and true in the presence of an authorised witness.

A quick note on Clinical Nurse Specialists: CNS Year Levels are specific to hospitals so won't be accepted at other hospitals. We are looking at how we can better recognise wonderful CNS skills across multiple facilities. But in the meantime, you'll need a statement of service or payslip to verify your RN year level so you're paid at that rate.