As per your employment contract and our Shift Cancellation Policy, if a facility cancels a booked or confirmed shift:

  • at least 2 hours before the start of the shift, you are not entitled to pay.
  • within 2 hours of the start of the shift, you are entitled to be paid for 2 hours of work. To ensure you are paid, please ring the facility switch number under "Additional Information" on the facility's uPaged profile and inform the unit manager.

A facility can cancel and remove a shift with a confirmed practitioner, but just note, uPaged takes shift cancellations very seriously. 

Cancellations can mean that a facility is not able to find a replacement to care for their patients.

Similarly, when a facility cancels a practitioner with short notice the practitioner may not be able to find a replacement shift, resulting in a loss of income.

Our aim is to create timely transparency around this, but we are also aware that unexpected things come up and shift needs change.