At a minimum, your rate of pay will be the casual rates awarded at that organisation or that set by uPaged.

This is because uPaged shifts are casual shifts, meaning, you will become their casual employee from your first uPaged shift. When a facility is your employer, it is it up to the them how much of an incentive they want to offer uPaged practitioners to attract the best candidates.  uPaged Perks are an example of this incentive.

You can see your pay rate for each shift by looking at the shift in your uPaged profile. The hourly rate shown includes the base casual rate, and, where applicable, shift loading rates.

Your rate of pay is determined by your grade and year level in your uPaged profile, so please be sure it is correct.

At uPaged, we're all about transparency, so you can choose which job you accept depending on the rate of pay on offer, location, cancellation rate or facility rating - whatever is most important to you.