We want you to showcase all your unique strengths, abilities and training and what makes you a great uPaged practitioner! The Skills and Education section of your profile is where you add the skills you’re competent in, and certification if applicable. These are the skills teams leaders will refer to when allocating staff, so you must accurately represent your scope of practice to match you, the right practitioner, with the right patients and the right job. 

Watch our guide on how to add your Skills and Education to your uPaged profile:

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Think back to a typical day as a practitioner in your department. What does it look like? Are you administering IV medication or are you caring for a ventilated patient? Did you manage surgical drains, complex wounds or you did cannulate your patient and collect a blood sample?

  • General Skills: Some examples include wound management, CVAD management, in-charge, venepuncture, IV cannulation, haemodialysis, colostomy management, tracheostomy. telemetry, underwater sealed drain, ECG taking and interpretation, immunisation, CPAP, BiPAP, high flow nasal prongs and many more! Simply type your general skills into the box provided and select any that are appropriate to you.

  • Certified Skills: Any training you have completed and received a certificate for should be listed and uploaded here. Some examples include VAC wound therapy, advanced wound care, chemotherapy and stomal therapy.

  • Post Grad: Postgraduate certificates and qualifications may entitle you to earn a continuing education allowance. Upload any you have achieved to increase your earning potential. 


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