To onboard and induct a uPaged practitioner, follow these steps:

*If your facility has opted to employ uPaged practitioner, the main account holder of your organisation's uPaged profile needs to set up and invite a HR email address first. The HR email address will receive an email that a new practitioner needs to be onboarded. See how to set up onboarding at your organisation here

  1. Find the email invitation and click Onboard Talent
  2. Log in to your facility's uPaged profile here using the same email address that the notification was sent to.
  3. At the top of the page, click New Talent
  4. To access their Employee details, TFN (tax file number) Declaration and Choice of Superannuation details, click CSV Export New Talent image_-_2021-01-11T114205.815.png
  5. Your browser will download a file in CSV format. Open this file to view a table, and scroll across the columns until you reach the practitioner's employee details, TFN Declaration and Choice of Superannuation details. You may now import this data into your Payroll system.
  6. To access their other documents, select View next to the practitioner you wish to onboard.
  7. Select Download on the documents you require to onboard the practitioner. NB: Forms for TFN Declaration and Choice of Superannuation forms are no longer in use. Please use steps 4-5 to access these details.
  8. Click Finalise Onboarding and enter their payroll ID with your organisation. This will log the practitioner as onboarded.