You can cancel a shift with the uPaged app but just note, uPaged takes shift cancellations very seriously.

Cancellations can mean that a facility is not able to find a replacement to care for their patients.

Similarly, when a facility cancels a practitioner with short notice the practitioner may not be able to find a replacement shift, resulting in a loss of income. 

Our aim is to create timely transparency around this, but we are also aware that unexpected things come up.

If you are cancelling a booked shift within 24 hours of the start of the shift, do not call uPaged. You must call the hospital directly as the hospital is your employer to update them of your non-attendance. The cancellation contact number for each facility is listed on the facility's profile in the 'Additional Information' tab.

How to cancel a shift 

  1. Login to your uPaged profile.

  2. Locate the shift you need to cancel below your calendar under 'booked shifts'.

  3. Select CANCEL

  4. Confirm the cancellation. The facility will be directly notified.

NOTE: If you have applied for a shift but your application has not been booked or confirmed yet, select CANCEL on the shift application. You are not required to ring the hospital, and do not ring uPaged.

To make sure you don't miss updates, please ensure you have the latest version of the uPaged app, and allow notifications 

Please see our T&Cs for our Shift Cancellation Policy