At uPaged, we want to match the right practitioner with the right job at the right time. That's why our clever tech does the match-making for you.

Shifts are sorted under "Shifts available" or "Shifts available that don't meet my preference" according to your availability, and specialties, the areas that you are qualified to work in.
Once you have set your availability and entered your specialties, shifts that match your availability and any of your specialties will be sorted under "Shifts available", so you don't have to do the brainwork.
Shifts that don't match your availability and specialties will be listed under "Shifts available that don't meet my preference".
For example, if there are shifts available in Day Surgery, and Day Surgery is listed as one of your specialties, but they don't match your availability, the shifts will fall under this category. Conversely, if there are shifts that match your availability, but are not for any of your listed specialties, these shifts will fall under this category.