The best way to earn a good rating and testimonial is the obvious provision of adequate support and resources for practitioners to do what they do best. Think about the workplace you would want to work in if you were a practitioner trying to provide the best care that you can.

Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Welcome the practitioner to your organisation and unit
  • Introduce yourself to the practitioner
  • Introduce the practitioner to your team. To guide you, you can use the one-page PDF summary that was emailed to you when the practitioner applied for the shift.
  • Find a ‘buddy’ practitioner working near them so they have someone to go to (before the team leader) if they need help during the shift
  • Provide the practitioner with a quick orientation to the ward/unit. This will help the practitioner to hit the ground running, work more independently, practise safely, and enjoy efficient management of their time. Find out more about orientating a new uPaged nurse to your department or unit
  • If your unit or department has a shift routine, run through this with the practitioner as it should help the practitioner plan the day or night
  • Inform the practitioner of their break times and the duration of these
  • Thank the practitioner for the day at the end of the shift
  • And last but not least, a smile goes a long way?