A testimonial is a few words of feedback and supportive encouragement. After the shift has concluded, the app will prompt you to sign off the shift and provide a testimonial for the practitioner. Conversely, the practitioner is also asked to provide you with a testimonial.

Think about the practitioner’s performance, communication, clinical skills and time management. This is highly recommended as thanks to the practitioner for their hard work, to encourage their return, and improve their chances of picking up shifts at yours and other facilities. You may also provide feedback to uPaged so we can continue to enhance our service.

Please understand that some days are busy and some things are outside of the control of even the best practitioner. We suggest that you use the testimonial to indicate whether you would recommend this practitioner to other uPaged hospitals. Please discuss any issues in person with the practitioner first before providing a testimonial.

Testimonials can only be removed if they are proven false or misleading, or are in breach of patient confidentiality. Please keep testimonials professional and constructive.