Yes - so long as you have completed at least one year full-time equivalent i.e. 1786 hours, of clinical experience in an Australian hospital.

This is because uPaged facilities expect that you are able to hit the ground running without much supervision. 

If this is you - great! 

Feel welcome to build your professional profile and we'll get uPaged with shifts!

If you have done a bridging program but don't have enough experience yet, that's ok. To ensure you're the first to know in case opportunities arise for newly AHPRA registered practitioners, we welcome you to sign up with uPaged, keep an eye on our emails and social pages, and build your professional profile in the meantime.

Hint: a more complete profile, gets a shift first!

For shifts outside of hospitals e.g. in Aged Care or Telehealth, experience requirements may vary. You'll be informed of requirements by the onboarding specialist