After a shift is finished, the practitioner must first complete, conclude and finalise the shift from their side. This gives you, the facility manager, the final say on the hours that the uPaged practitioner has worked.

To sign off a uPaged practitioner:

  1. Log in when you receive the notification to sign off a practitioner, and go to Timesheets.
  2. Find the shift that has just been completed and check that the start, finish and break times are correct. Make any adjustments as necessary.
  3. Click Sign Off on the right-hand side.
  4. A popup appears for sign off and feedback. Please provide the practitioner with a rating out of 5 stars for:
    • Time Management
    • Communication
    • Competence
  5. Provide a short testimonial about the practitioner’s performance on shift. This is highly recommended as thanks to the practitioner or their hard work, encourage their return and improve their chances of picking up shifts at other facilities. You may also provide feedback to uPaged so we can continue to enhance our service.