A fully verified profile on uPaged must have all the documents needed for any job added or attached. Facilities will only accept documents that are exact copies of the originals with clear text and images, so the best way to ensure this is to download and add your documentation to your uPaged profile. 'How-to' below?

If you are unsure if the quality is high enough, please ask your onboarding specialist for a document quality review. If you are unable to download a copy of the document, see tips for taking a screenshot here, you can also take a clear photo of the document, then upload from your photo album.

The best bit? Once you've uploaded all your documents you'll have a completely verified profile with all your documents securely uploaded into a single location. Booking jobs or searching for your paperwork will never be a headache again!

How to download and upload documents

1. Locate the original document. Open the document and click on the download icon or download link.  

2. Locate the document in your Downloads folder and Rename it by right-clicking on the document and selecting rename and rename the document with your name and the title of the document e.g. steph_smith_vaccination_card.pdf

3. Move the document to your Documents folder by dragging the document from your download folder to your documents folder 

4. Log in to your uPaged profile and click your Profile Icon

6. Go to the section of your profile the document relates to e.g. 'employment info' and scroll down to the section that corresponds with the document you would like to upload. 

7. Click the upload symbol and select the document you want to upload and click open.

8. If you can see the title of the document you have correctly uploaded your document, yay!

9. And you're done! It's as simple as that.