According to Australian law, an electronic signature (a signature typed or created digitally) is a valid way of executing agreements. Printing out documents to sign is an unnecessary hassle you'll be glad to be done with once you've learnt how to sign online.   

On this page, we'll show you how to create an electronic signature on whatever device you have to hand and how to add it to your uPaged profile.

Did you know you can complete forms without having to print a single piece of paper?

Mac: Preview

1. Open the document you need to sign in Preview

2. Select the Markup tool

3. Select the Sign tool

4. Create your signature using the trackpad or draw your signature on white paper and hold the paper up to the camera for the program to read. 

5. Select the Sign tool again. 

6. Scroll to the section on the document you need to sign. Click on your signature, this will create a textbox with your signature then drag it into the signature box. 

7. Then Save the document and you're done! Your signature will be saved in Preview to for use in the future. 


PC/Windows: Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

1. Open the document you need to sign in Adobe.

2. Click Fill & Sign. 

3. Click Fill and Sign under Fill, sign and send.

4. Click Sign at the top of the window.

5. Click Add Signature.

6. Select Type, Draw or Image (we recommend Type or Image) and create your signature. 

7. Once you're happy with your signature click Apply.  

8. Now you are able to 'stamp' your signature into the signature box. 

7. Save the document and you're done! Your signature will be saved in Adobe to for use in the future. 



1. Open the uPaged app

2. Go to Employment Info

3. Select Download empty Tax File Number form or Superannuation Choice form. This will open the document in your browser. 

2. Scroll to the section where the signature is required.

3. Select the icon for More Options

4.  Select mceclip2.png, then mceclip1.png and mceclip3.png

5. Select Trackpad then draw your signature with your finger on your Trackpad or select Camera and write it on a white blank piece of paper and hold it up to the camera, select Done and drag the signature to the signature field

6. Select Done and save your document in the desired location. Upload your signed document to your profile.

Check out to find more ways you can use Markup.



Depending on the type of Android phone you have, there are several free electronic signature apps you can download and use such as DocuSign, PDF element and SignX.