Did you know you can complete Employment Info documents such as your Tax File Number Declaration form and your Superannuation Standard Choice form without having to run to your local library or beg your boss to use the printer at work? When we say booking casual shifts has never been easier we mean it. You can build a fully validated nursing profile without having a print a single piece of paper. 'How-to' below?

According to Australian law, an electronic signature (a signature typed or created digitally) is a valid way of executing agreements.

How to fill out Employment Info forms without printing

1. Download a blank TFN form or Super form directly from your uPaged profile. 


2. This will open the document onto a new page. Select the download icon on the top right corner and save into your documents or downloads folder.


3. Open the saved file. The document will open in either Preview or Adobe. Both Preview or Adobe work the same when completing forms online. 

4. Text box fields (in blue in the image below) will allow you to type directly into the empty forms. In the image below, note how the light blue indicates the areas you can type directly into


5. If you are unable to fill out some of the fields. Just simply insert a textbox over the field you would like to type into. 

And that's it! All there is left to do to is sign your paperwork (How do I do this electronically too? See here: https://bit.ly/3ijI2oy and upload it to your uPaged profile here: www.app.upaged.com