Once you’ve passed your interview our Onboarding Specialist will send you an email from InterCheck with instructions to complete your Police Check through their easy to use portal.  

InterCheck is registered by ACIC to provide this service. The portal allows you to securely upload your identification documents digitally and sign the consent form, from the comfort of your home. We will manage the rest from there, ensuring your profile is updated and future employers know your clearance status. 

Only complete your Police Check if you meet our hospitals' requirements, and when you are available to complete on-demand casual shifts at hospitals that have shifts posted right now. 

Please do not secure a new Police Check outside of the uPaged system or contact InterCheck directly to conduct this check. This check should only be completed on your uPaged profile by one of our  Onboarding Specialists via InterCheck to ensure your check is directly connected to your uPaged profile. 

Note, for shifts that are not based in hospitals a police check from InterCheck may not be required. Our Onboarding Specialist will inform you of what is required when you have your interview with them.